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Asset Tracking Tags

Asset tags allow you to identify, track, and control your valuable assets.

Standard tags come in black block type. You can customize your order with stylized text, your logo, company colors, and more!

Online orders available in black print only
Minimum Purchase - 500 tags

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Identify, Track, and Control Your Valuable Assets

Brand & Track Your Physical Property

Create brand awareness and show proof of ownership by labeling physical assets with your logo and company colors. Wherever your property or inventory goes, your branded asset tag goes with it.

Asset tag with a colored label
Warehouse with shelves of inventory

Get your Inventory Under Control

Improve your productivity, asset management, and order tracking by creating and maintaining accurate, scannable records of inventory. With asset tags, you can more efficiently monitor in-stock items, popular products, and re-order schedules.

Discourage Internal Fraud & Theft

Tracking your movable assets such as laptops, or other equipment, is challenging. Assets change hands within an organization over time raising the chances of property loss. Asset tags with scannable barcodes allow physical property assigned to employees, or other personnel, to be tracked cutting back on theft, fraud, or lost equipment.

multiple samples of asset tags
Asset tag with custom logo

Custom Options Available

Our asset tags are highly customizable with options for custom numbering, colors, branding, and material choices. Whether your priority is a budget friendly solution, or something that has to stand up to abrasion, heat, or chemical solvents, we have the right asset tag to meet your needs.

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help you choose the right asset tag label for your application.




Below are 4 of the most common asset tracking tags.

If you need a custom order, or have questions, call us at 1-800-466-7636.

Tags can be ordered in metal, foil, polyester, or destructible plastic. Asset tag purchases made on-line are available in black type only. Turnaround time for this product line is 10-20 working days due to imprinting. Once asset tags have been ordered, they are non-cancelable due to personalization.

Craftmark Polyester Barcode Label

Craftmark Polyester Bar Code Labels - XWC029

When it comes to color options and print quality, the "CRAFTMARK" Polyester Bar Code Labels have it all including the option of custom spot colors and four-color processing.

Material: .003" Polyester
Color: Black and white. Call for color options.
Applications: Fixed Assets, calibration, product identification, work-in-process - especially for environments where caustics/acids and solvents are an issue.
Affixing Methods: Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive for most surfaces.

Metal Barcode Nameplate

Metal Bar Code Nameplates - XPA191

Metal Bar Code Nameplates combine maximum durability with reliable bar code clarity and numbering ensuring accurate and reliable reads for years to come. Available with or without a bar code.

Material: .008" anodized aluminum is standard
Color: Black and white. Call for color options.
Applications: Fixed Assets, work-in-process, tool control, virtually any application.
Affixing Methods: Permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive

Foil Barcode Label

Foil Bar Code Labels - XPF029

Foil Bar Code Labels are ideal for customers who require a flexible label that will conform to most surfaces, yet need a product that will withstand harsh conditions including chemicals, abrasion, solvents and high temperatures. Available with or without a bar code.

Material: .003" anodized aluminum for a thinner profile
Color: Black and white. Call for color options.
Applications: Fixed Assets, work-in-process, tool control, original equipment, calibration
Affixing Methods: Pressure-sensitive 3M adhesive for most surfaces.

Destructible Barcode Labels

Destructible Bar Code Labels - XDL029

Made from a destructible material that tears apart if someone tries to remove it, Destructible Bar Code Labels offer a unique way to protect property. The coating featured on these labels not only aids in the destruction of the label, but also protects the bar code and/or copy from cleaning and mild abrasion.

Material: .002" destructible vinyl
Applications: Fixed Assets, rental equipment, and "warranty void" labeling of original equipment.
Affixing Methods: Pre-coated pressure-sensitive adhesive.