Cable thickness

We offer 3 different cable thicknesses to fit all of your needs.

diagram of dimensions for the steel cableChoosing the cable thickness is dependent on your situation.

The 5/32" thick, or standard version cable (S) is perfect for most situations. This cable is thick enough for your desktop applications, but light enough for your mobile applications. This cable comes in black. It is 5/32" diameter steel, vinyl coated to 1/4".

The 3/16" thick, or high security version (H) is for higher risk situations. When you have a computer in an unattended, open area, you want a cable that can withstand the challenge. This cable comes with a clear vinyl coating. It is 3/16" diameter steel, vinyl coated to 1/4".

the three different cable thicknesses the Guardian locks are available inThe 1/8" thick, or economy version (E) is for lower risk areas, or where budget is the primary concern. This cable comes in a smoky (dark gray) color. It is 1/8" diameter steel, vinyl coated to 3/16".

All these cable are made of heavy duty aircraft cable, with vinyl coating of various colors on the outside. All cables are 6 feet in length. Custom lengths are available, but may require a minimum quantity and extended lead time. Call to inquire.

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