Desktop Security

Protecting your desktop computer in today's environment is challenging. Any type of desktop lock will help combat opportunity theft. Computer locks are your fastest and most popular security solution. We also offer computer security enclosures, PC Tab Alarm System, and accessories.

If you are unsure which computer security solution is best for your unique situation, give one of our 'situation solvers' a call and we will be glad to help you!

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Desktop Computer Locks

Desktop Computer Locks / Steel Cable Locks


Our lock kits allow you to secure up to 3 pieces of equipment and are fully customizable allowing you to choose only what you need.

Priced From:$24.95

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Full Steel Enclosures and Computer Lockdown Plates

Full Steel Enclosures and Computer Lockdown Plates

We offer computer lock boxes to take care of your server security needs, including server enclosures, computer lockers, lockdown security plates, and custom pc enclosures for those hard to secure items.

Priced From:$89.00

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PC Tab Alarm

The PC Tab Alarm system provides a unique way to secure multiple computers in a computer lab and alert you to possible theft by contacting a Security Department, Monitoring Service, or whomever you designate.

Priced From:$22.58

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Computer Lock Accessories

When a cable just isn't enough! These computer lock accessories can be used to add additional attachment options and security for additional pieces of equipment.

Priced From:$1.70

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