HIPAA Security

The physical safeguards of the HIPAA Security requirements can pose a challenge for some. We have provided several different security products that can help ensure HIPAA compliance.

Refrigerator Lock to protect prescription medication

Refrigerator Lock to protect prescription medication

Use these refrigerator door locks to lock school refrigerators, secure prescription medication, and to help hospitals, medical facilities, and research labs protect their medicines and samples. This lock can also be used to secure printer trays, or any other 'openable' equipment that needs to stay closed!


File cabinet lock bars to protect your paper files

File cabinet lock bars to protect your paper files

These filing cabinet locks can be used to protect your sensitive papers stored in filing cabinets without locks, or as a second layer of filing cabinet protection.


Laptop Locks to protect against theft

Computer Cable Locks to protect your computers and laptops against theft.

Computer Locks to protect against theft

Protecting your equipment against theft is a basic step of HIPAA compliance. If your computer or laptop containing vital patient information was stolen, this could put your entire business in jeopardy. An inexpensive cable lock provides protection against opportunity theft.


Computer Privacy Screens to protect patient informationComputer Privacy Screens to protect patient information.

These LCD privacy filters shield patient data from prying eyes. Whether your office is using a laptop or desktop computer, there is a privacy filter to fit your configuration.


Heavy Duty Computer Protection Devices

We offer many other different Computer Security devices to help with HIPAA Compliance:

Bolt down your laptop for heavy duty theft protectionLaptop Tiedown Brackets - These literally bolt the laptop to the work surface in an open or closed position. Available in several different sizes.


Computer and Server Enclosures protect against data theftCPU Lockers - These computer security lockers fully encase your computer, not only protecting it against theft, but with the added benefits of providing USB security and CD Drive Security. By blocking these drives, you prevent the introduction of viruses via this avenue and prevent someone copying your data.


Barcode labels and asset tags provide asset management and inventory controlBarcode Labels and Asset Tags - These preprinted asset labels provide asset management for your organization. Know where your equipment is. These barcode tags can be preprinted with your company name, logo, phone number and other pertinent information, along with a barcode and human readable serial number for inventory control.


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