Which key option should I choose?

infographic of keyed-different keying option


This is the standard option for individual use of the STOP-Lock™. You receive two keys per kit ordered. When ordering additional kits, you may not have them keyed to any previous number received.

infographic of Master-Keyed keying option


If you are purchasing multiple STOP-LOCK™ kits for a group environment, a Master Keyed System may be the way to go.  In a master key system, you receive one "master key" which opens all the locks in the system although each lock also has its own unique key. This allows individual users to have their own keys, while also allowing an authorized person to have supervisory or emergency access to each lock. 

When ordering additional kits, you can have them keyed to the same master key number. You will receive one Master Key at no charge with your first order.

Additional Master keys can be ordered for a charge, however, we do suggest limiting the number of people having complete access to your computer systems.

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