CPU/Server Enclosures

We offer computer lock boxes to take care of your server security needs, including server enclosures, computer lockers, and custom pc enclosures for those hard to secure items.

If you are unsure of which system is right for your server, PCs or MACs, give us a call. With 20 years' experience in the physical computer security industry, we can recommend a security solution for your unique needs.

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CPU Lockers

CPU Locker Series


Available in six different sizes with unique slide out tray, the CPU locker series provides computer and server protection. These computer enclosures protect your hardware, along with limiting access to USB drives, plugs and on/off functions.

Priced From:$259.00

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Custom Enclosures

Custom Enclosures

We make custom size enclosures for many of our customers and may have the size you are looking for.


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