International Requests

Thank you for your interest in further information on our product lines. At this time, our policy for international information requests is to ask that you get your information off the web site initially. When you place your first order, a full product catalog will be included with the shipment.

International sales are handled on a custom quote basis. We ask you to get all the product information you need off our web site, which has extensive information on over 100 web pages. Click on any link on the left for further information.  When you find what you are interested in, please provide us with the part numbers and quantities you would like a quote on, and we will provide a price quote with any quantity discounts and the shipping costs.

This is the best method to give you the pricing information. Just providing product pricing is not accurate because the shipping costs vary so drastically depending on what is being shipped and how fast you need it. Please also keep in mind the cost of your import duties.

Questions on any product line or specifications can be directed to: