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PC Tab Blast Alert Kit

Part# BA-725

Instantly protect any IT equipment from theft by simply sticking the PC Tab Sensors to the items and plugging them into the Blast Alert Alarm box.

This kit protects one piece of equipment with a 6-foot sensor. Add additional Sensors below to protect more items with the same Blast Alert.

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Sensor with Tape

The heart of the PC Tab System is the unique security sensor equipped with a strong and durable 3M tape that you just peel and stick to the equipment you are securing.

Pc Tab Sensor with Tape


Sensor with Plate

Optionally use the more permanent base plate with super glue gel if you are concerned about people excessively yanking on the wires in your particular environment. This option is not necessary in most cases.

Pc Tab Sensor with Plate

If you have questions, please give us a call.
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How it Works

Proven to stop theft at Universities around the world, the PC Tab Blast Alert gives you this level of security easier than ever before. Simply stick the PC Tab Sensor on your equipment and plug it into the Blast Alert, turn the key and you’re done! You’re now secured with a siren to alert nearby personnel and scare off the thief.

Blast Alert securing a projector
Blast Alert for computer labs

Secure Multiple Items

Daisy-chain multiple sensors together to secure everything in a cluster of equipment on the same Blast Alert box for about $15 per additional item. Even better, when it’s time to replace equipment, the cost to "re-secure" is less than $1 per item!

Notification Capabilities

At any point in the future, you can plug the Blast Alert into your building’s alarm system to alert security personnel.

campus police badge
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Long Battery Life

You only need to change the 9-volt battery every 4 - 5 years, and only because of the shelf-life of the battery. The circuitry consumes so little power it would take 50 years of monitoring to drain the battery. And yes, batteries ARE included!


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Additional Blast Alert Sensors
PC Tab Sensors for Blast Alert
Use additional sensors to secure multiple items on the same Blast Alert. Each sensor plugs into the previous sensor. Available in four standard lengths. Please call for custom lengths.
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key for Blast Alert
Key control is an important part of security. Only order as many keys as you need so you don’t have extras floating around. You can always order more of that same key number in the future.


Replacement Tape
tape for Blast Alert Sensors
The 3M tape on the back of the sensor must be replaced whenever a sensor is removed from equipment. Re-attaching old tape may cause false alarms. A good ratio is to have 1 replacement tape on hand for every 10 sensors you have installed. This way you should never run short!


Replacement Glue-on Base Plates
base plate attachment for Blast Alert sensors
If you use the optional glue-on base plate for the sensors instead of the 3M tape, then you can snap the sensor on and off as often as you wish. But you will need replacement plates if you want to move the sensors to new equipment. Glue is included.


Remote Monitoring Kit
Blast Alert Remote Monitoring Kit
Add this wire assembly to your Blast Alert at any time in the future to connect to your building alarm system, allowing for remote monitoring of your Blast Alert by security personnel.


Universal Contact Module
PC Tab Universal Contact Module
Use this module INSTEAD OF the Blast Alert if you do not want the siren and key-control in the room and wish to wire directly into a building alarm instead. One Module is installed in your alarm panel for each zone. Please click here to purchase this module.

Alarm Box Construction:

  • Alarm housing, mounting plate, and case sealing bracket fabricated from high grade stainless steel
  • Dimensions 2 x 3.75 x 1.35 inches


  • 9 volt industrial alkaline battery
  • 650 milliamp hour capacity
  • 1 microamp monitoring current
  • 200 milliamp current at full alarm.
  • Battery life - minimal drain on battery in monitoring mode, so battery will last its full shelf-life, usually 5 years
  • Battery life 2 hours at full alarm


  • Custom Multice alarm
  • 117 dB sound pressure @ 1 foot
  • Rapid variable (siren like) waveform


  • Ilco 5 wafer cam lock
  • Removable core
  • Comes standard keyed-alike. Keyed-different available upon request. Call (800) 466-7636 to inquire.

PC Tab Blast Alert Installation

PC Tab Blast Alert full installation instructions

Step 1 - Attach the Sensors to your Equipment

Sensor with Tape

Peel off the protective cover from the back of the sensor's tape and apply the sensor to your equipment.

Blast Alert sensor with tape option


Sensor with Plate

If you selected the more permanent Glue-on Plate instead of the 3M tape, it is important to let the glue dry for at least 1 hour before putting the sensor on the plate.

Blast Alert sensor with plate option

Step 2 - Connect Your Wires to the Blast Alert

Plug the RJ-11 Adapter (included) into the Blast Alert and plug the first Sensor into this Adapter. Then make certain the Terminator (included) is plugged into the last Sensor in line.

Blast Alert with sensors chained together

Step 3 – Put the Back Cover on the Blast Alert

Slide the Blast Alert onto the base at the lock side first, then lay it down and slide toward the lock side. The lock won’t lock until you slide it into position.

Installation pictures for Blast Alert

Step 4 – Arm the Blast Alert

All Wires must be plugged in and all Sensors must be installed on your equipment (or you at least must be holding down the tamper switch on the back of the Sensor) before the Blast Alert can be armed. Simply turn the key to arm it. Test it by unplugging any wire, but make sure you are ready to disarm it with the key because the siren is EXTREMELY loud!