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Monitor with built-in privacy filter

Now you can have a privacy filter built right into your monitor!

Want to supply your own monitors and/or privacy filters? No problem! We can provide filter and integration services only. Just choose one of our "Filter and Integration" parts or the "Integration Only" part on the right.

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PrivateVue Monitor with Built-in Privacy Filter

Removing privacy filters from monitors where on-screen data must be protected can be a serious violation. In medical, library, financial or other facilities that require secure data, the PrivateVue monitor is the perfect solution. The permanently installed privacy filter prevents filter removal and keeps you compliant.

PrivateVue Monitor
PrivateVue touch screen monitor

Also Available in Custom and Touch Screen Models

PrivateVue technology is available in a wide variety of touch screen monitors and custom applications. Contact us for information about how we can meet your needs.

What customers are saying about us:

We've saved thousands of dollars in replacement costs of privacy screens. Thanks to your monitors, employees have stopped removing the filters. Thanks"

Tom Maxwell

Without these monitors we were replacing 15 to 20 privacy filters every month."

Ed Granger

We should have installed these years ago!"

Rob Eastwick

Thanks so much! Rated you 5 stars for the customer service."

Mary Bidwell

8 Reasons You need to install PrivateVue Monitors

PrivateVue Monitors provide:

  • Quality brand name monitors.
  • A full 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • HIPAA compliance.
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley compliance.
  • CIPA compliance.
  • Permanently installed privacy filter.
  • Various makes and models to choose from.
  • Relief from the high costs of replacing privacy filters!

PrivateVue Monitors are used by

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Monitor Model

Privacy Filter Included

Integration Included

PrivateVue Monitors

PVM-D19-E1916HDell 19" E1916H
PVM-D20-E2016HDell 20" E2016H
PVM-D20-P2017HDell 20" P2017H
PVM-D22-E2216HDell 22" E2216H
PVM-D22-P2217HDell 22" P2217H
PVM-D24-E2416HDell 24" E2416H
PVM-D24-P2417HDell 24" P2417H
PVM-D27-P2717HDell 27" P2717H
PVM-H19-P19AHP 19" P19A
PVM-H20-P202HP 20" P202
PVM-H22-P222vaHP 21.5" P222va
PVM-H23-P232HP 23" P232
PVM-H24-P240vaHP 24" P240va
PVM-2239VSViewSonic 21.5" VG2239M

Filter and Integration Only

PVM-FL19client supplied
PVM-FL20client supplied
PVM-FL22client supplied
PVM-FL23client supplied
PVM-FL24client supplied
PVM-FL27client supplied

Integration Only

PVM-Lclient suppliedclient

  • Option to supply your own monitors and/or privacy filters
  • Your choice of gloss or matte finish
  • 3 year warranty
  • 30 day money back guarantee