Sonic Shock Alarm

Sonic Shock AlarmProjector

Infographic showing projectors compatible with the Sonic Shock alarm
projector secured to a cart using Sonic Shock alarm
Sonic Shock Alarms stop theft! projectors.. flatscreen TVs...

Use these projector alarms for projector security, flat screen TV security, or other IT equipment security.

A solution that works
Our clients are universities, hospitals, property management companies, and other corporate facilities. They've already tried the usual solutions - "Cables don't stop people who take $3,000 video projectors", one told us. They'd lost 12 in three months. Sonic Shock stopped their thefts immediately.

"We used to feel like we were just giving away projectors," said the AV manager at a major Canadian university. "We figured Sonic Shock might at least slow the losses. It stopped them completely."

"We lost 20 televisions the last month alone", one property company told us. After one pilot test site with Sonic Shock, they did a larger pilot site. Now they're installing Sonic Shock on all their properties.

"We want a quote for all our computers", said another. They had bought one alarm as an experiment to put on a projector. Then 10, then 40, then another 50 as they did all their AV equipment. This is typical. Every customer who buys Sonic Shock ends up buying more. Every one that bought a few ended up buying a lot.

Another had lost so much equipment that both its insurance rates and deductible were doubled. "We tried everything, and everything didn't work,", they told us. After one year of using Sonic Shock, they haven't lost a thing. Not for want of effect by thieves either. Initially their Sonic Shock alarms were repelling a theft attempt every few days.

The difference is loud and clear
Sonic Shock is an incredibly popular device for securing expensive flat screen televisions and LCD projectors in University and commercial environments. If a thief wants to steal your equipment, he has to take our sounding alarm with him! Everyone hears him. Worse, he can't hear anything else - someone coming for instance. It's a lethal combination, one that's completely eliminated theft of our customers' high value equipment.

Sonic Shock's siren is triggered by cutting or unplugging an electronically monitored tether. There's no motion trigger, so no false alarms. Once tripped, the siren sounds for over an hour.

Built specifically for use in commercial settings, Sonic Shock is simple, reliable, and tough. Its metal parts are 1/16th inch stainless steel. Its battery will probably outlast your equipment. It's reusable. its lock cores can be replaced. It's impervious to false alarms. It's proven to stop theft. Better than cameras. Better than cables.

How it Works
Sonic Shock has three parts. The first is a base plate that you fuse to your equipment using our methyacrylate bonding agent. You pop the alarm onto this plate, wire one of our two styles of sensors, and turn the key. Sorry it's not more complicated.

how Sonic Shock works
infographic of materials used in the Sonic Shock alarm

High Grade Stainless Steel
We spent money where it's needed. Super strength stainless steel is expensive, and requires costly tooling to form. But it frustrates thieves. Our competitors' housings are plastic. For them 'cheaper', apparently, is more important.

The World's Strongest Glue
Yes we know it's a GMC truck, but they need the advertising. The bumper on this truck (and every other manufacturer) isn't bolted on; it's glued on with methacrylate. Which is why we use methacrylate. Stronger than bolts. Shock resistant. Temperature resistant. Solvent resistant. If somebody actually does wrench a Sonic Shock from your projector, what's left won't look pretty.

Sonic Shock TetherNo False Alarms. Ever
Sonic Shock isn't motion sensitive. You rope our 10 foot electronic tether around something heavy, plug it into the Sonic Shock alarm, them arm it with a key. You can bang it, lift, move, or turn it upside down with no protest. Unplug or cut the trip wire though, and the siren will scream and it won't stop until you turn the key.

Choose from Two Models

The Sonic Shock model bonds permanently to the projector and tethers to something close to it, and the Blast Alert model does the opposite - with the alarm unit attaching to something else, and the tether connecting to the projector.


Choose Sonic Shock if you want the alarm unit's base plate permanently bonded to your projector. This way the thief would have to carry out a projector with a screaming alarm attached to it. Requires a reasonably flat surface of 2" x 4" that won't block ventilation or service doors.



Choose Blast Alert if you do not want anything permanently attached to your projector. If there is no space available to attach the Sonic Shock, or if you want to protect multiple pieces of equipment with one alarm unit (such as on a rolling cart).

Sonic Shock TetherThe Sonic Shock is permanently bonded onto the projector, and a tether loops around an object (like the ceiling mount or cart). If the tether is unplugged or cut, the alarm is triggered.
Sonic Shock Tether
PC Tab Blast Alert SensorThe Blast Alert is attached to the ceiling mount or cart, and you simply peel and stick a small alarm sensor onto the projector. If the sensor is pulled off the projector, the alarm is triggered. Daisy-chain multiple sensors together to protect a cluster of equipment.
Blast Alert Sensor
Part #: SS-100
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Keys and Glue not included, purchase separately below
Part #: BA-725
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Keys and Glue not included, purchase separately below

Glue - One cartridge is ample to glue up to 4 alarm units.

A two part methylmethacrylate adhesive resistant to mechanical shock (hammer blow for example) three times stronger than the best commercial two part epoxies, and 50% stronger than any commercial cyanoacrylate adhesive (eg. Loctite®, Krazy Glue®, Super Bond)®.

Methylmethacrylate has a "best before" shelf life of 9 months. We suggest you order no more than your foreseeable requirements.

Part #: PA-GLUE
Enter Quantity:


Key control is an important part of security. Only order as many keys as you need. You can always order more in the future, just write your key number down when you get it.

If you are an existing customer and want to match your existing key number, fill in the key number in the 'previous key number to match' box.

Part #: PA-KEY
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Mounting Plate Spares

All alarm units come with a mounting plate, but you may want extras to relocate existing alarms to newer equipment.

Part #: PA-RLP
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Additional Blast Alert Sensor - Works only with Blast Alert Unit

Add multiple sensors to secure multiple pieces of equipment with the Blast Alert Unit. Click here to purchase




  • Can be used on any surface with a free 2.25 x 4.625 inch reasonably flat area. Adheres on all metals and most plastics (except polypropylene)

Alarm Box Construction:

  • Alarm housing, mounting plate, and case sealing bracket fabricated from high grade stainless steel
  • Dimensions 2 x 4 x 1.5 inches


  • 9 volt industrial alkaline battery
  • 650 milliamp hour capacity
  • 1 microampere monitoring current
  • 200 milliamp current at full alarm.
  • Battery life - minimal drain on battery in monitoring mode, so battery will last its full shelf-life, usually 5 years
  • Battery life 2 hours at full alarm


  • Custom Multice alarm
  • 117 dB sound pressure @ 1 foot
  • Rapid variable (siren like) waveform


  • Ilco 5 wafer cam lock
  • Removable core
  • Comes standard keyed-alike. Keyed-different available upon request. Call (800) 466-7636 to inquire.


  • Methylmethacrylate kit ("Plastic Welder")
  • 2 part exothermic cure non toxic adhesive
  • 3,500 psi strength on all metals and most plastics (except polypropylene) Very high impact resistance (eg. hammer blows)
  • 4 minute working time; 80% strength in 20 minutes; full strength in 24 hours.
  • Impervious to water or solvents when cured.


  • One year repair or replacement