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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is this software?
  This is a laptop tracking software designed to aid in the recovery if your laptop is ever stolen. This software records the IP address the computer is using to connect to the internet at predetermined intervals. Reports are available for you to view these logs online.
2. Why are you giving it away for free?
  As you know, most people don't give something away free without an ulterior motive. We are giving away this software to make people aware of our other products. As cool as it sounds that you can "track" your laptop if it gets stolen, we want to help you prevent the theft BEFORE it happens. That is our true business. The hassle of losing your data, dealing with the police, and the feeling of violation you feel after a theft is what we want to prevent. We want you to purchase our security cables, our lockdown brackets, or our other products available to help prevent theft. This software gives you the potential of getting your laptop back if it ever is stolen, but ideally using a cable lock might STOP a theft from happening in the first place.
3. What is the difference between your software and the commercial versions?
  Both our software and the commercial versions track the IP address of your laptop and keep a log that you can view online. But that's where it stops. In the commercial versions, if your laptop is stolen, they have a 'team' that works with you and law enforcement to get your laptop back. With the YoYo software, you would have to do the legwork of working with law enforcement, using our RECOVERY GUIDE.
4. So what do I do if my laptop is stolen?
  CLICK HERE for our Recovery Guide
5. Can I find out where the laptop is on my own?
  You can certainly try, but chances are you are not going to get very far. For instance, Googling an IP address can get you the general IP location like the State it is located in, but that's it. To get a specific address, the police need to go to the IP provider with a subpoena to find out who was using that IP address at that date and time.
6. How often does the software report in?
  This software reports in on boot-up, on log in, or every 12 hours.
7. What time zone is shown on the reports?
  The time shown is US Eastern Standard Time.
8. Do you offer any technical support?
  No. We had this software written for us and are not programmers :), so if you have any problems with it, you should not use it.
9. Can a thief disable the software?
  If he knows exactly what to look for, chances are yes. You are banking on him NOT knowing it is there.
10. If a company installs it on multiple computers using the same email address, what will happen?
  The email address you enter during installation is to link the computer's current IP address for the reports so in this situation all of the computers would be reported underneath one report. A company may prefer to do it this way if all their computers are supposed to be at the office underneath one IP address. This way, they can log in under one email address and run one report to see if a different IP address shows up.
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