STEP 3 - Determine which key option is right for your situation.

Choosing which key option will best work for your needs takes a little bit of thought.

infographic of keyed alike keying option


The 'keyed-alike' option means the same key can open all locks. This is a good choice if only a couple of people need access to the locks, such as a computer lab, or stationary desktops or laptops.

When ordering this option, we ask you how many keys you want. When choosing a keyed-alike option, you generally do not want a bunch of keys floating around. You would typically only want enough keys to give out to those authorized personnel who need them and a few spares just in case.

We record what key number we send to you, so in the future, whenever you need more locks, we can key them to the same keyed-alike series!

Because these locks do not require a key to lock them on, we can send out cables without keys to your different departments. They can lock them on, and be done. You and your authorized people continue to hold the only keys necessary.

Want a different keyed alike series for different departments? No problem! We will work with you to get set up and keep records of departmental key series.

infographic of Master-Keyed keying option


The Master-Keyed option means that each lock can be opened by its own individual key, but there is one “master” key that opens all locks. A master-keyed system is ideal for office settings where each person is responsible to lock and unlock their own equipment or for workers who take their laptops out of the office, but an administrator or tech support team needs to have the ability to access all equipment, whether for supervisory or maintenance purposes.

When ordering this option, you receive 2 keys with each lock that only open that particular lock. Your 1st order of 10 or more MK cables comes with 1 free master key. If ordering less than 10 cables, please call to purchase a master key.

If you need additional master keys, you can call to order them. We do advise limiting the number of master keys on hand to prevent them falling into the wrong hands.

We record what master key series we send to you, so in the future, whenever you need more locks, we can key them to the same master-key series!

infographic of keyed-different keying option


Keyed-different locks are just what it sounds like, each lock is keyed-different from any other lock. This option is normally chosen for individuals needing to secure only one piece of equipment. It may also be chosen if mandated by security laws.

When choosing this option, you cannot match a key in the future. This is not a master key system where there is one key to open them all. (a cylinder has to be keyed a certain way for keyed-alike, keyed-different,or master-keyed, we cannot do it after the fact).

You receive 2 keys with each lock. We do not record the key number sent you.

If in doubt as to which key option will work best for your situation, give us a call at (800) 466-7636 and we will be glad to help you out!