CSP-UL-3K Laptop Lock for Noble Nano and Standard security slots

Universal CSP-UL Series Laptop Lock

Part# CSP-UL-3K

Get all 3 tips in one lock to fit any laptop slot.

This 3-in-1 laptop lock kit fits standard, nano, or wedge-shaped laptop security slots! The kit comes with 3 tips to fit most all security slots. As your needs change, this universal laptop lock adapts to meet them. Just change out the lock tip to the one that fits your needs.

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Easy to Install and Manage

This 3-in-1 laptop lock includes 3 interchangeable tips that fit the standard (T-Lock), nano, or wedge-shaped laptop security slots. That means even if you update your computer, you have what you need to ensure your new laptop is still secure. The tips are easily removed and switched from the lock body when the lock is unlocked.

3-in-1 Universal Kit
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Proven Laptop Protection

Guardian locks are the security solution trusted by top universities, fortune 500 corporations, and government agencies to keep valuable laptops safe and secure.


Master Key For CSP-UL Series Locks
Master Key for Universal Laptop Lock
If you selected the Supervisor-Override Access (master-keyed) key option, your 1st order of 10 or more locks will come with 1 free Master Key. You may order additional master keys here, but we do suggest limiting the number of people having complete access to your computer systems.


Rectangular glue-on attachment
This composite rectangular glue-on attachment is a permanent installation. Can be used on plastic, wood or metal. Enough adhesive will be supplied to secure the number of attachments ordered.




  • Fits standard, nano, or wedge-shaped laptop security slots
  • Zinc alloyed lock body with tubular key mechanism
  • Push to lock feature for easy, user-friendly operation
  • Straight cable in dark smoke PVC coating: dia. 4.4 x L 2000 mm
  • Convenient operation with 360-degree swivel cable join

Kit includes:

  • Standard tip, 3x7 mm
  • Nano tip, 2.5x6 mm
  • Wedge-shaped tip, 3.2x4.5 mm

How it works

  • Insert the tip you need into the lock body
  • Anchor the cable to an immovable object
  • Insert the lock into the slot on your device
  • Press the button to lock and you are done!
  • While the lock is locked into a laptop, the tip cannot be removed.
  • Use the key to unlock

Instructions for CSP-UL Series Laptop Locks