CSP-WL121CS-25 Serialized Combination Laptop Wedge Lock for Noble security slot

Serialized Combination Laptop Lock for Wedge Security Slot - 25 Pack

Part# CSP-WL121CS-25

This serialized combination laptop lock kit protects laptops that use the wedge security slot. This one-piece lock features a 4-digit preset combination.

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This lock provides an added layer of security to your laptop. By attaching the lock to a secure anchor point (such as a desk to table leg), you can deter opportunity theft or unauthorized access.

The preset combination offers higher security because the lock's combination is permanently set and cannot be changed. This ensures that only individuals with the correct code can remove the lock and access the laptop. The serial number feature enables better tracking and accountability. It allows administrators to keep records of which lock is assigned to which device or individual.

If your laptop does not have the wedge security slot, then any one of these other Laptop Locks should fit your laptop.


By attaching to a frequently used desk or other immovable object, the fastener below can be used when you do not have a table leg or data hole available to wrap the laptop cable around.

Rectangular glue-on attachment
This composite rectangular glue-on attachment is a permanent installation. Can be used on plastic, wood or metal. Enough adhesive will be supplied to secure the number of attachments ordered.




  • Fits wedge style built-in security slots, size 3.2mm x 4.5mm
  • Zinc alloyed lock body with 4-digit preset combination lock with engraved serial number
  • Straight cable in dark smoke PVC coating. Diameter 4.4mm x L 2,000mm
  • Convenient operation with 360-degree swivel cable joint

Kit includes:

  • Qty 25 - Preset, Serialized Wedge Combination Locks with Cables
  • Control chart