CSP Rewards Points Program and Policy

Earn Rewards Points on your qualifying purchases from us!

The CSP Rewards Points Program is our THANK YOU for being a loyal client! No enrollment required. You will be automatically eligible for rewards on your very first purchase with us!

You earn 5% Rewards Points on the purchase of any product on our website!

How does it work?

It's easy as pie! Just make a qualifying purchase from us within a calendar quarter. When the quarter is over, our systems magically run a program that will calculate any Rewards Points you have earned. We then send you, via email, a Rewards Points Certificate that can be used on your next purchase! And the best part... once you have earned and received your Rewards Points Certificate, the points are good for 2 years!

How do I earn points?

  1. Rewards Points are calculated based on the amount of your purchases within the prior quarter.
  2. Points are calculated on your qualifying purchase amount. This is the amount paid for products listed on our website, after application of all promotions, discounts, and reward redemptions. Shipping charges are not included in the qualifying purchase calculation.
  3. Rewards Points Certificates will only be issued when the amount of the reward exceeds 10 points.

How do I get my Rewards Points?

  1. At the end of each quarter, you will receive a Rewards Points Certificate by email with the rewards you have earned for that quarter.
  2. This certificate will also be available to you in the 'your account' section of the website when you are logged in.
  3. Each Rewards Points has a value of $1.00 when used to purchase our security products.
  4. We issue codes in 50 point denominations for easier use, with the balance issued as a separate code. For example: if you have earned 238 Rewards Points in the previous quarter, you will receive 5 Rewards codes, 4 worth 50 points each and 1 worth 38 points.
  5. Each code is a 6 letter code

How do I redeem my points.

At ComputerSecurity.com:

  1. Enter the products you wish to purchase into your shopping cart
  2. Once you are on the shopping cart page, you will see a box to enter your Rewards code.
  3. Enter the first Rewards code you wish to use on the order, then click apply.
  4. Continue entering additional Rewards codes, if applicable, clicking apply after each one.

By Phone:

  1. Call us a (800) 466-7636 to place your order and mention the Rewards Points Code(s) you wish to use when placing the order.

Other General Use information

  1. Rewards Points are applied to product pricing only. They cannot be used for shipping charges.
  2. Multiple Rewards Points codes can be used on one order.
  3. Each Rewards code may be used only once.
  4. You may allow another person to use your code, but again, each code is good only once.

Some things you can't use the points on and other legal mumbo jumbo

  1. Rewards Points cannot be applied to shipping charges
  2. A single Rewards Points code cannot be split between multiple orders.
  3. A single Rewards Points code must be used in full. Any unused portion will be lost.
  4. Points must be applied at time of order.
  5. CSP Rewards Points cannot be redeemed for cash or used to pay invoices.
  6. Expired points cannot be reissued
  7. CSP not liable for lost or stolen Rewards Points codes.
  8. If no rewards were earned in a particular quarter, qualifying purchases will not be carried forward.
  9. Rewards Points are earned on products listed on our website only and purchased at retail pricing. Custom priced or specialty items do not qualify.
  10. CSP reserves the right to change the Rewards Program at anytime without notice.

(Policy updated 10/1/21)