Guardianite File Cabinet Locks
File Cabinet Locking Bars

Lock Filing Cabinets! These file cabinet locks keep your important documents from prying eyes!

5 Sizes of File Locking Bars to choose from

File Bar Length Color Price
12" - for 1 drawer Gray $31.95
22.5" - for 2 drawer Gray or Beige $37.95
34.5" - for 3 drawer Gray $42.95
46" - for 4 drawer Gray or Beige $44.95
56.75" - for 5 drawer Gray $49.95

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Which File Bar should I choose?

To determine which file bar you need, please see the measurements below. You want to be sure the bar will cover at least a portion of every drawer you need to secure.

File Bar Specs
Description Color Length
1 drawer file bar Gray 12"
2 drawer file bar Gray or Beige 22.5"
3 drawer file bar Gray 34.5"
4 drawer file bar Gray or Beige 46"
5 drawer file bar Gray 56.75"

Some file cabinets may be non-standard sizes, so we suggest you measure your cabinet from the top drawer to the bottom drawer and choose the bar that will fit within those lengths and cover at least a portion of every drawer.

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File Locking Bar

File Cabinet locks are an excellent way to secure your file cabinet contents. HIPAA compliance, company policy and just plain common sense dictate that you lock up important documents.

Lock your file cabinet. The simple to use, easy to install bar securely fastens to the frame next to the drawers on the front of your file cabinet (minimum 12" frame required).

These file cabinet locks can provide a second layer of security to those units with built-in locks or, if your keys are lost, these bars can provide an easy lock replacement system without having to replace the entire cabinet.

file locking bar on cabinet with closeups
  • File cabinet not included
  • This File Cabinet Lock Bar requires a padlock.
  • Padlock is NOT included unless you chose to add a padlock above. You may also order compatible locks in the Accessories section. If using your own padlock, the minimum recommended size is 30mm.

If you chose not to add the padlock above, and you are planning on using your own padlock, the minimum recommended size is 30mm. carries a large selection of locks from American Lock, Masterlock, and ABUS.

  • Available in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-drawer versions
  • Meets the DOD's Industrial Security Manual
  • Inner and outer bar are finished in powder-coat finish
  • Constructed of heavy 16-gauge formed steel
  • Built-in spring-loaded hinge
  • Mounting screws included, drilling required
  • Filing Cabinet lock bar swings clear of the file doors

Description Color Length
For a 1 Drawer File Cabinet Gray 12"
For a 2 Drawer File Cabinet Gray or Beige 22.5"
For a 3 Drawer File Cabinet Gray 34.5"
For a 4 Drawer File Cabinet Gray or Beige 46"
For a 5 Drawer File Cabinet Gray 56.75"

The file locking bar attaches to the small strip of the cabinet that is NEXT TO the drawer, shown in the left picture. It can attach to either the left or right side of the cabinet. You must have 12" of frame to attach the bar to.File Cabinet showing required side strip necessary to attach file barsfile cabinet showing missing required side strip necessary to attach file bars

Installing these file bars is easier than it looks! View our installation video to see for yourself!