Finally, Some Peace of Mind.

Because we developed this software, obviously I use it myself, and I feel SO much more comfortable taking my laptop anywhere knowing that this software is installed. Before, I knew that if it was lost or stolen I would NEVER see it again, or the data on it. And mine happens to be a work computer, so it isnít just about the laptop or the data, but my laptop also has access to my company network and all kinds of online stuff too. I would have to figure out how to change all those access permissions before the thief gets something REALLY important. And we are a small company, so it isnít like I can just call the IT department and ask them to take care of it.

Now that Iíve got YoYo on my computer, at least I know that Iíve got a fighting chance of getting the thing back if itís one of the 500,000 laptops that are lost or stolen every year.

** FREE ** FREE ** FREE**

Okay, youíre asking yourself "Free? What's the catch?" I can't blame you. As we all know, very little in this world is free. Itís simple really. Itís software, so it doesnít cost us anything to give it to you free, and we hope youíll spread the word and tell everyone you know about it, including the company you work for. Then those of you who want another layer of security might like to buy one of our security cables. Itís a win-win!

So yes, itís free, and it will ALWAYS be free, not like the ones that offer it free for a year to hook you. So enjoy and tell your friends!

So How Does it Work?

This software will let you know the IP address your laptop is using to connect to the internet. With this information, law enforcement can send a warrant to the hosting company to reveal where that IP address originated if your laptop is ever stolen!

You've heard of this type of software before. This is not new technology. The only thing new is the cost. Computer Security Products, Inc. is offering you this software at NO CHARGE!

We actually have some experience selling the commercial versions of this software in the past, so we also have experience with many of the complications with them as well. When we went to develop ours, we wanted a stripped-down bare bones software that was SO simple it wouldnít have any of the incompatibilities of the software we sold in the past. And so the YoYo was born.

Itís simple. Download. Install. Sleep better.

And If Itís Stolen??

Okay, youíve got to do some legwork yourself. The software IS free after all. With the commercial versions, they usually do the work for you, calling the police and giving them the info they need to find the laptop. You will need to log into our site to get that info and run with it from there. See our Recovery Guide for more information.

So Now What?

Go. Download. What are you waiting for??? Wait! Donít forget to tell your friends. Oh, and your boss at work because itís free for companies and schools to use also!

Created For WINDOWS XP and VISTA
(We haven’t found any problems on Windows7 32-bit yet, but it is NOT recommended on Windows7 64-bit because we are aware of one person who had problems.)

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