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Do I Need an Internal Privacy Filter?

threat level bar graphWhile viewing our PrivateVue Monitor page, you may think to yourself "I don't really need an internal privacy filter, do I?"

It's an important question to ask yourself; data security is a big concern. Information breaches are bad for you and your business. No one wants to be hacked, whether the hacking be virtual or visual. At Computer Security Products, we want to help you thoroughly consider an investment in our brand's filtered monitors, so we came up with a list of questions for you to ask yourself.

  1. Do you work in an open office space where guests can freely walk through the area?
  2. Do you handle sensitive data such as bank statements, medical records, or account numbers?
  3. Is your desktop visible to passersby at 45-90 degree angles?
  4. Is most of your work done without needing to physically share your monitor with another team member?
  5. Do you often leave your desk for prolonged periods of time, such as lunches, bathroom breaks, and meetings?
  6. Do you use an external privacy filter which is simply not conducive for productive work?

threat level bar graphIf you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may want to consider purchasing or retrofitting your monitor with a PV filter. Our process permanently installs an internal privacy filter into every monitor we ship out. These filters are polarized for optimal security; they prevent onlookers from viewing your screen at a >15 degree angle. PrivateVue monitors eliminate the need to repeatedly replace external filters, which saves you time and money!

We ensure that you're given options. The PV filter is compatible with most of the major monitor brands on the market. Whether you would like your own monitors retrofitted with permanent filters, or would like to purchase monitors with pre-installed filters, we can supply you with the security you need to maintain data privacy.

We are aware that computer personnel routinely remove external, cumbersome privacy filters from monitors which require on-screen data protection. This action creates serious compliance violations and often results in filter loss and damage. In every facility that requires secured data measures, PrivateVue is the perfect solution. The permanently installed internal privacy filter prevents filter removal and allows you to maintain compliance with standards.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to our PrivateVue Team!