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printer paper tray locked with a refrigerator lock
Printer Paper Tray

file cabinet drawer locked with a refrigerator lock
File Cabinet Drawer

refrigerator lock securing a refrigerator
Mini Refrigerator

Other Uses for Refrigerator Locks

You probably thought a refrigerator lock was just for securing your fridge, right??

Well think again; check out all the different applications we've found!!

They can be used ...

  • On printers to secure the paper tray.
  • To protect your video gaming system.
  • On file cabinets to secure just one drawer.
  • To keep medical prescription cabinets locked and comply with HIPAA requirements.
  • To keep your kids out of your liquor/beer cabinets or small fridges.
  • On your toolbox to keep those expensive tools where they belong, and not in your neighbors hands!
  • As a double layer of security on a safe or lock box.
  • And many, many more ways!

We would love to hear your crazy/ unique/ never-would've-thought-of-that product use. If you have one, share it with us! Send it over to - you might just see it in our next security news issue.

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