Guardianite Refrigerator LocksRefrigerator Lock

Part# CSP-103.W UPC:610074257929

These refrigerator locks are used to secure refrigerators or other openable equipment where entry control is needed. No drilling necessary!

Available in white or black and with or without a padlock

Use as Refrigerator Locks - Freezer Locks - Printer Tray Lock - Paper Tray Lock - Single File Drawer Locks - Health Care Security Locks - Cabinet Lock

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Which Padlock should I choose?

These refrigerator locks require a padlock (not included). You can use your own padlock, or you can choose one of ours.

Why are we offering 2 different padlocks? Every person has a different need or aesthetic that fits their situation.

brass keyed lock

Keyed brass padlock

This lock comes keyed-alike. If you order multiple refrigerator locks, we will key all the padlocks the same. If you have purchased these in the past and have a key number you wish to match, please enter it in the previous key# to match field.

Guardianite combination padlock

Guardianite combination padlock

This lock is resettable to allow for a personalized combination.

If you prefer to use your own padlock, choose the "without a padlock" option and we will send the kit with no padlock.

If you have questions, please give us a call.
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This refrigerator lock is a great way of keeping your refrigerator items secured. When installed correctly, these plates are PERMANENT! So be sure to read the instructions.

Because this kit is much more than a child proof lock, it can be used in any situation where there is a need to keep doors secured. These plates can be applied to any refrigerator door, freezer door, medicine cabinet, tool chest, printer tray, single file cabinet drawer, and most any 'openable' fixture to restrict access (cannot be adhered to painted or laminated wood or drywall). Helps comply with HIPAA and other privacy law requirements.

Ideal application temperature range is 70F to 100F, but once properly applied will withstand lower temperatures. Cable arms are removable when refrigerator does not need to be locked for a period of time.

6 Kits Available with options for color (Black or White) and Options for padlock (with a keyed padlock, with a combination padlock, or without a padlock so you may use one you purchased separately)

back view of black refrigerator lock kit with adhesive tape black refrigerator lock kit black refrigerator lock kit


These refrigerator locks are a permanent installation. Once adhered, they CANNOT be removed.

CSP-103 Refrigerator Lock includes:

  • Two 212" x 3" plates with steel aircraft cables and 3M's best VHB adhesive tape.
  • Available in white or black.
  • Your choice of padlock options:
    • Keyed brass padlock - keyed-alike.
    • Guardianite brand set-your-own combination padlock.
    • No padlock - if you prefer to use your own padlock, we will send the kit without a padlock.
  • NOTE: These plates cannot be adhered to painted or laminated wood.