Refrigerator Lock

Part# CSP-103

These refrigerator locks are used to secure refrigerators or other openable equipment where entry control is needed. No drilling necessary!

Use as Refrigerator Locks - Freezer Locks - Printer Tray Lock - Paper Tray Lock - Single File Drawer Locks - Health Care Security Locks - Cabinet Lock

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Which Padlock should I choose?

These refrigerator locks require a padlock (not included). You can use your own padlock, or you can choose one of ours.

Why are we offering 2 different padlocks? Every person has a different need or aesthetic that fits their situation.

MasterLock 4130 brass lock

Masterlock 4130 keyed brass padlock

This lock comes keyed-alike. If you order multiple refrigerator locks, we will key all the padlocks the same. If you have purchased these in the past and have a key number you wish to match, please enter it in the previous key# to match field.

Guardianite combination padlock

Guardianite combination padlock

This lock is resettable to allow for a personalized combination.

If you prefer to use your own padlock, choose the "without a padlock" option and we will send the kit with no padlock.

If you have questions, please give us a call.
Computer Security Products, Inc. (800) 466-7636

If you are an existing customer who needs to match a key number, or if you are ordering quantities of 10+, CLICK HERE

Use this refrigerator door lock to:

  • Lock school refrigerators
  • Secure prescription medication
  • To help hospitals, medical facilities, and research labs protect their medicines and samples
  • Use on your full size refrigerator, mini refrigerator, side by side refrigerator, freezer, tool chest, printer tray, single file drawer, or any other 'openable' equipment where entry control is needed.
  • Can also be used on any door or cabinet to help comply with HIPAA requirements

refrigerator locks in white and black

These refrigerator locks are a permanent installation. Once adhered, they CANNOT be removed.

CSP-103 Refrigerator Lock includes:

  • Two 212" x 3" plates with steel aircraft cables and 3M's best VHB adhesive tape.
  • Available in white or black.
  • Your choice of padlock options:
    • Masterlock brand keyed brass padlock - keyed-alike.
    • Guardianite brand set-your-own combination padlock.
    • No padlock - if you prefer to use your own padlock, we will send the kit without a padlock.
  • NOTE: These plates cannot be adhered to painted or laminated wood.