Computer Security Table of Contents

Computer Security Locks work similar to bike locks in that they 'chain' down your computer to a stationary object. Fasteners are available to secure your computer, monitor, printer, mouse, keyboard or any other equipment prone to opportunity theft.

Laptop Security Cables need to be light and compact, otherwise they will be too cumbersome to use. Our laptop and notebook security locks are thinner than their desktop counterparts and come in keyed or combination laptop lock versions. Use these cable locks to secure your laptops in the office, library, cafe, airport, or wherever you travel

These laptop and desktop security accessories can be used to expand your laptop or desktop cable locks to include additional equipment or buy in parts and pieces to get exactly what you need!

These computer security cages provide computer and server protection. These security enclosures can partially or fully enclose your computer or server, protecting wires, USB ports, on/off switches, and all other components. These steel security enclosures literally bolt your computers in place. Custom Security Enclosures available.

We offer a couple options for helping to prevent the theft of your Projector. Projector enclosures are steel cages to fully enclose your projector. And Projector Cable Locks anchor your projector to an immovable object.

Protecting your iPad or Tablet from theft is a challenge. The best part of them is their small size and light weight, but this also makes them an easy target for thieves. If you are concerned about theft, we have a solution for you.

These file cabinet locks can be used on any file cabinet that needs an easy replacement lock, or as a secondary layer of protection for your important documents. File Cabinet locks are an excellent way to secure your file cabinet contents, whether for HIPPA compliance, company policy or peace of mind. Available for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 drawer file cabinets.

Have you always wanted to 'mark' your equipment, telling a potential thief to back away? Now you can! The STOP Security plates glue to your equipment, with a warning that the tag is police traceable. All you need to do is register your equipment serial # as instructed. Now, if your computer is lost or stolen and someone finds it, they can call the 800 # listed to get it back to you! Even if they peel off the plate, this passive recovery sticker leaves a permanent tattoo etched into your equipment saying 'Stolen Property' with the 800 #, making it un-sellable!

Now you can have a privacy filter built into a monitor! PrivateVue privacy monitors are available in various brand name monitors and many sizes. PrivateVue monitors can help you with HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and CIPA compliance.

These laptop privacy filters and computer monitor privacy screens work to keep your data safe from prying eyes. Available in many different sizes, these privacy filters help with HIPAA compliance and privacy laws. These filters easily attach and are easily removable. While the privacy filter is in place, only people standing direct in front of the computer screen can see the data, all others see a dark screen.

These refrigerator locks are used to secure refrigerators or other openable equipment where entry control is necessary. No drilling necessary! Use on refrigerators, printer tray drawers, file cabinet drawer, or any other 'door' for entry control! Available in black or white. Available with a keyed padlock, a combination padlock, or no padlock so you can use your own.

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