STOP Security Plates

Part# STP-SP (As low as $8.75 in quantity.)

Thieves Won't Steal What They Can't Sell.

A STOP Security Plate is the most cost-effective prevention, anti-theft, recovery, and asset management tag available. Which is good, because whether your equipment is lost or stolen at the office, airport, or anywhere else, unscheduled replacement is a budget item no one enjoys revisiting.

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Effective Deterrence

The value of your hi-tech equipment also makes it a target. STOP Security Plates significantly reduce the percentage of theft by clearly marking your equipment as an obvious liability for any would-be thief. Our patented system integrates a highly visible security plate. Under that, there's a chemically bonded tattoo, stating "Stolen Property" that even a determined thief can't remove and would find virtually impossible to explain to a potential purchaser.

STOP Security Plates retain your property's value while it's under your control, but if ever stolen, the prominently displayed plate and the tattoo underneath completely remove any value on the resale market.

STOP Security Plate for laptop
Stolen Property indelible tattoo under Stop Security Plate


The value of STOP Security Plates goes beyond deterrence. If your equipment is just misplaced, STOP Security Plates are marked with a unique registration number that dramatically increases the incidence of recovery by providing an easy way to do the right thing.

If someone finds your lost STOP-plated equipment where it shouldn't be, they simply contact STOP by phone on our 24-hour hotline or connect with us online. STOP will make the necessary arrangements to get your machine back to you quickly.

Protection that Works

With STOP Security Plates, you'll have peace of mind knowing that the "cost of doing business" no longer includes computer theft and loss.

For as little as $8.75 per unit (in quantities of 500 of more), STOP Security Plates:

  • Prevent theft by eliminating resale market value
  • Thwart both professional and casual thieves
  • Create unavoidable obstacles to theft
  • Discourage unauthorized use
  • Provide best opportunity for honest return
  • Link equipment with individual users
  • Facilitate recovery via our 24-hour toll-free equipment identification hotline
  • Provide the most cost-effective deterrence, recovery, and lifetime protection on the market!
woman at airport with laptop

Theft Prevention

Marking or "branding" equipment in an attempt to deter theft and improve tracking is not a new idea. The way that STOP does it is. And, the remarkable reduction in equipment losses enjoyed by our clients make it an idea worth your time!

Two sizes are available. The standard plate for computers, laptops, tablets, etc. and a smaller plate for cell phones, iPad minis, and smaller equipment.

Standard size STOP Security Plate on a laptopSmall STOP Security Plate on a cell phone

STOP Security Plate
212" x 218"
Small Asset Tag
2" x 34"

The only security plate in the market
At the heart of the STOP system is our patented security plate. Made of a tough photo-anodized aluminum, it is affixed to your equipment with cyanoacrylate adhesive so strong that removal of the security plate requires up to 800 pounds of pressure. Removal of the plate will noticeably, physically alter the case.

An indelible tattoo stops professional thieves
We don't stop there, however! It's our unique, patented installation process that makes the STOP system so unusually effective. During the simple do-it-yourself installation of each security plate, a permanent tattoo is chemically etched into your equipment, beneath the plate. If someone succeeds in removing the plate (special tools are required), the indelible marking is exposed.

STOP Asset Tag

The unique tattoo presents a bold-type declaration that the object is "Stolen Property" and a toll-free number for verification and anti-theft information. This tattoo cannot be removed by any means without marking or defacing the case, and such a mark is recognized by police and resellers as a telltale sign that the property is stolen.

Permanent tattoo left behind

Professional thieves are not interested in equipment itself, only in its resale value on the open market. STOP's patented security plate and tattoo dramatically reduce theft by reducing the value of stolen equipment to zero.

The police traceable plate and sticker deter "casual" theft. There is more. Each security plate bears a clear, dissuasive warning message that the property is monitored and police traceable, along with a warning that the tattoo has been etched into the equipment. Each plate also bears a unique barcode linked to the owner's tracking information, and a toll-free telephone number to call in case lost or stolen equipment is found.

STOP Asset Tag

Included with the standard size STOP plate is a bright red "Police Identifiable Warning Sticker" we send along for you to apply next to the plate. Result: the guy who finds your laptop at the airport, or the employee who may have considered permanently "borrowing" an office cell phone - is highly unlikely to do so when it is clear that a 30-second check on the equipment will reveal him to be a criminal.

warning sticker

Marking your equipment with STOP plates makes it clear to all potential thieves that the equipment can never be shown to anyone without great risk of their facing criminal charges.

Equipment Recovery

STOP plates deliver high image
Attaching a STOP security plate is not only the most important step you can take in deterring theft. Our plates also connect you to our highly effective international tracking and retrieval service - the service that pushes STOP security ahead of the rest.

Numbers talk.
Our return rate for lost property is unusually high. We have successfully returned 9 out of every 10 items reported lost for the more than 2,000 companies that use the STOP system worldwide. Given that our typical client has spent $4000 per laptop, before including the value of software, data and time spent inputting data into the machine, STOP's high reduction in losses results in significant savings!

How does it work?STOP Asset Tag
Each STOP security plate bears a unique identifying number, along with the toll-free number for our anti-theft and ownership verification hotline. STOP's worldwide registry links the plate i.d. number to the make, model, serial number and owner of the equipment it's affixed to. A call to the toll-free number thus yields quick and easy ownership verification.

Our full service recovery system means you can finally calling recovery 800 hotline
Misplaced computers represent more than 60 percent of lost equipment and our service is extremely effective in returning these valuables to you. Should you misplace your laptop, etc., experience has shown it is very likely that a fellow traveler or commuter, a service center, or whoever finds it -- will call our 800 hotline.

Immediately after we've received a call locating your lost equipment, we call you to let you know where your machine is. But we don't stop there:

We take care of returning all recovered property!
Our retrieval service includes overseeing the return of your valuable equipment - another headache you won't be suffering through once you register with STOP.

woman receiving her recovered property!

"Hot" property is returned, not resold.
In any case of suspected theft, STOP will help you register the loss with local police and the FBI. We will also list the loss with INTERPOL in France, and throughout our own expanded international security network.

police car

When the stolen equipment is offered for sale (the goal in most instances of theft), potential buyers, resellers, or whoever comes across it - typically become suspicious about the machine due to the warnings on the plate. They call STOP's clearly marked 800 hotline and we advise them on the spot that the equipment is stolen property. Resale is prevented and recovery follows quickly.

If the computer is taken by a professional thief, who foolishly attempts to remove the security plate, the permanently etched tattoo underneath the plate displays the words "Stolen Property" in bold type, along with the toll-free number connected to our retrieval service. Resale value for the marked item dwindles to nothing with this marking exposed. Police and/or potential computer resellers who come across equipment stripped down to our tattoo call the 800 number and our rapid retrieval service is put into motion. Thus, the safety of keeping or reselling a "hot" computer marked with STOP plates disappears and most are returned via our retrieval service.

Asset Tracking

STOP Security Plate barcodeAs effective as STOP's security plates are in theft deterrence, the beauty of the system lies in its ability to track your organization's inventory of equipment while we protect it. And this complete service pays for itself very quickly.

The key is the security plate's barcode. When used in combination with a hand-held barcode scanner and asset tracking software - tracking and maintaining your inventory become remarkably simple.




STP-SP (standard plate)

  • Size - 212" x 218"
  • For use with tablets, laptops and all larger equipment
  • Includes red warning sticker
  • Includes unlimited use of Anti-Theft Hotline, the Retrieval Hotline and Recovery Service
  • Includes tattoo activating gel

STP-SPM (small plate)

  • Size - 2" x 34"
  • For use with iPad minis, cell phones or any small items. Does not work for laptops.
  • Red warning sticker only available upon request
  • Includes unlimited use of Anti-Theft Hotline, the Retrieval Hotline and Recovery Service
  • Includes tattoo activating gel

STOP Security Plate
212" x 218"

Small Asset Tag
2" x 34"

**PLEASE NOTE** When ordering STOP Plates, we MUST have a phone number upon checkout. We will NOT be able to process your order without a valid phone number, as this is part of the registration and tracking requirements.

Product ships in 1-2 days, due to registration.

Customized plate graphics available with minimum order of 200 security plates. Call for pricing.