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Lock in Your Business' Security

In the U.S., crimes against businesses are on the rise: According to the FBI, a property crime is committed every 3.7 seconds in the U.S., and a violent crime occurs every 27.1 seconds. That means protecting your business, your property, and your employees has never been more important.

Making sure you have the best security devices is the number one way to deter crime, and one of the best ways to maximize your business' security is by investing in solid padlocks with a reputation for toughness, performance and reliability. 1st-in-Padlocks offers only the best padlocks so you can feel confident in your business' security.

Choose a Padlock that Speaks Volumes About Your Security

Padlocks don't just provide physical security – they also help thwart crime by providing visible evidence that you take your company's security seriously. Unlike lower-quality, mass-produced padlocks that rely on inferior materials or inadequate locking mechanisms to cut costs and cut corners, a well-crafted padlock from a top manufacturer like Masterlock, American Lock, or ABUS tells a would-be criminal up-front that it's going to take more than just a quick twist or “snip” to render the lock useless.

Masterlock, American Lock, and ABUS are leaders in the security business because they've devoted their research and development specifically toward determining not just what makes a padlock effective, but also what makes one ineffective. That means they've been able to design locking systems that proactively address security issues even before they emerge so you can feel confident your business has security that's designed to work now and in the future.

And when you're a professional criminal, you know which locks are easy to break and which locks would require considerable time to overcome. For a criminal, every second they spend trying to break through security is another second when they could be caught. When a criminal sees a padlock by a leading manufacturer like ABUS, American Lock, or Masterlock, they know their chances of being “caught in the act” increase exponentially.

Choosing the Best Padlocks for Your Needs

Today, padlocks come in a range of designs, styles, and options. Before you buy a lock, consider all of your business security needs – and your personal security needs, too – and spend some time exploring the 1st-in-Padlocks website so you can learn about all the options you have for increasing your security and your peace of mind.