S.T.O.P. Theft Prevention



Marking or "branding" equipment in an attempt to deter theft and improve tracking is not a new idea. The way that STOP does it is. And, the remarkable reduction in equipment losses enjoyed by our clients make it a new idea worth your time!

Two sizes are available.   The standard size for computers, laptops, etc. and a smaller size for cell phones, PDA's, and smaller equipment.
PDA with STOP Security


STOP Security Plate
2-1/2" x 2-1/8"
Small Asset Tag
2" x 3/4"

The only security plate in the market
At the heart of the STOP system is our patented security plate. Made of a tough photo-anodized aluminum, it is affixed to your equipment with cyanoacrylate adhesive so strong that removal of the security plate requires up to 800 pounds of pressure. Removal of the plate will noticeably, physically alter the case.

An indelible tattoo stops professional thieves
We don't stop there, however! It's our unique, patented installation process that makes the STOP system so unusually effective. During the simple do-it-yourself installation of each security plate, a permanent tattoo is chemically etched into your equipment, beneath the plate. If someone succeeds in removing the plate (special tools are required), the indelible marking is exposed.


STOP Asset Tag

The unique tattoo presents a bold-type declaration that the object is "Stolen Property" and a toll-free number for verification and anti-theft information. This tattoo cannot be removed by any means without marking or defacing the case, and such a mark is recognized by police and resellers as a telltale sign that the property is stolen.


Permanent Tattoo

Professional thieves are not interested in equipment itself, only in its resale value on the open market. STOP's patented security plate and tattoo dramatically reduce theft by reducing the value of stolen equipment to zero.

The police traceable plate and sticker deter "casual" theft. There is more. Each security plate bears a clear, dissuasive warning message that the property is monitored and police traceable, along with a warning that the tattoo has been etched into the equipment. Each plate also bears a unique barcode linked to the owner's tracking information, and a toll-free telephone number to call in case lost or stolen equipment is found.

STOP Asset Tag

Finally, the bright red "Police Identifiable Warning Sticker" we send along for you to apply next to the plate completes the deterrence effect. Result: the guy who finds your laptop at the airport, or the employee who may have considered permanently "borrowing" an office cell phone - is highly unlikely to do so when it is clear that a 30-second check on the equipment will reveal him to be a criminal.

warning sticker
(Warning sticker comes standard with the large STOP plates.   Sticker is only available upon request with the small STOP plate)

Marking your equipment with STOP plates makes it clear to all potential thieves that the equipment can never be shown to anyone without great risk of their facing criminal charges.