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Economy Laptop
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Part# CSP-810-E-1X-0G

Secure your laptop from theft at a minimum cost of investment with this easy to install kit. Multiple keying options make it the right choice for corporate, educational, and government agencies.

Have specific security needs? Customize your kit.

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Guardian computer and laptop locks Logo
The Trusted Name in Computer Locks

Proven Computer Protection

Guardian locks are the security solution trusted by top universities, fortune 500 corporations, and government agencies to keep valuable computers safe and secure.

Guardian Economy laptop lock securing a laptop
kit contents of Guardian Economy Laptop Cable Lock

Delivering a More Robust Level of Security

Guardian locks have been designed with improved pick resistance and more available key numbers. For increased security you have the choice to have your lock keyed-alike, keyed-different, master-keyed, and even request grand master-keyed at no upcharge.

Secure multiple pieces of equipment with one lock

Use additional scissor clips or glue-on attachments with this kit to secure multiple items with one lock. Key numbers for the Guardian 810 series lock can be matched to other kits in this product line with different options and security levels. Manufacturing improvements allow for custom key options in a few days, not a few months.

Guardian lock securing computer and monitor to a desk
USA flag

Built in the U.S.A. and Made to Last

Guardian products are proudly built in the USA! We create products that offer the highest level of security 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Rectangular glue-on attachment
glue-on attachment with Guardian lock
If you don't have a good anchor point, you can use this composite rectangular glue-on attachment on a frequently used desk (this is a permanent attachment). Can be used on plastic, wood or metal. Enough adhesive will be supplied to secure the number of attachments ordered.


Master Key
Master key for CSP Guardian Series MK locks
If you selected the Supervisor-Override Access (master-keyed) key option, your 1st order of 10 or more locks will come with 1 free Master Key You may order additional master keys here, but we do suggest limiting the number of people having complete access to your computer systems.
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The Guardian Economy Desktop Cable Lock kit includes the following components:
810 style Guardian lock head

Guardian 810 Series Keyed Lock

The economical design of the Guardian 810 style lock, combined with an external scissor clip, forms the equipment security point in our laptop cable lock system. This is the preferred choice when you need budget friendly security without a loss in quality.

Lock Style: Keyed lock
Lock Finish: Chrome

Economy security cable used with Guardian locks

Security Cable

Our tough, durable 6 steel security cable is strong enough to provide reliable protection but light and flexible enough to make it the perfect cable for laptop security. Its made from 18 thick, heavy duty, aircraft cable and coated with vinyl for a 316 finished diameter. This economy version (E) is for lower risk areas, or where budget is the primary concern.

Cable Length: 72
Cable Diameter with Vinyl Coating: 316
Cable Color: Smoky (dark gray)

Scissor clip

Scissor clip

The Scissor Clip is designed to fit into the existing security slot of your laptop.

keys for the Guardian locks

Guardian Series Keys

There are several keyed options for you to choose from, and each kit comes with 2 keys unless otherwise specified for the key option chosen. The key type you choose depends on access requirements and organizational needs.

SUPERVISOR-ONLY ACCESS (keyed-alike): The same key can open all locks. Good choice if only a couple of people need access to the locks, such as a computer lab, or stationary desktops or laptops.

SUPERVISOR-OVERRIDE ACCESS (master-keyed): Each lock can be opened by its own individual key, but there is one “master” key that opens all locks. Ideal for administrative or technical support access.

KA UNDER MASTER (KAMK): This combines the first two options above, allowing for multiple groups of KA locks under one Master key.

INDIVIDUAL ACCESS (KD): Each lock is opened by its own unique key. Great for personal use or where mandated by security laws.

SPECIAL (Grand Master, Reserved, etc): There are many combinations of the above options for larger organizations, such as separate Master Key systems for each campus and one Grand Master key to open them all.

Have a question about key options? Call (800) 466-7636 and we will guide you to the option that is right for you.

Learn more about keying options here.

You can secure your laptop in four easy steps:
Guardian lock kit looped through desk data hole

Step one: Anchor the security cable

Determining an anchor point for the security cable is a critical step to ensure your laptop is secure. The most common anchor points are through the data hole in a desk, around a table leg with a cross brace so it cant be slipped off, or attached to a nearby immovable object. If these options are not available, you can use an accessory like a glue on attachment as a permanent anchor point.

how to insert scissor clip into security slot of a laptop

Step two: Insert the scissor clip into the security slot of your laptop

Security slots are generally located on the side or rear of most laptops. Once located, form an X shape with the scissor clip and insert the angled ends into the security slot. Then fold the clip flat to prepare it to receive the security cable.

how to feed the security cable through the scissor clip

Step three: Feed the security cable through the scissor clip

Once the scissor clip is properly inserted into the security slot, feed the end of the security cable through the clip's circular opening. The cable prevents the scissor clip from being removed from the security slot.

how to connect the lock head onto the security cable

Step four: Connect the lock to the security cable

Simply snap the lock onto the cable and your laptop is protected. To release the lock from the cable, insert the key and turn to the left.

To learn more about Guardian locks, watch this helpful video.