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This tablet lock allows you to take your iPad or other tablet on the go without fear of theft. This system requires permanently gluing on a small adapter.

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Secure your tablet

If you are worried about theft, whether in the classroom, at the library, or while you are away from your device, this Guardian tablet lock will give you peace of mind

Guardian tablet lock securing a tablet
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Guardian products are proudly built in the USA! We create products that offer the highest level of security 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.


By attaching to a frequently used desk or other immovable object, the fastener below can be used when you do not have a table leg or data hole available to wrap the tablet lock cable around.

Rectangular glue-on attachment
glue-on attachment on a desk
If you don't have a good anchor point, you can use this composite rectangular glue-on attachment on a frequently used desk (this is a permanent attachment). Can be used on plastic, wood or metal. Enough adhesive will be supplied to secure the number of attachments ordered.


CSP-820R Tablet security kit includes:
  • 6' steel security cable and lock
  • glue-on adapter (134" x 78" oval, 932" high)
  • adhesive
  • keys
Guardian Tablet lock kit contents
Secure your tablet in 3 easy steps:
oval glue-on fastener

Step one: Glue on the adapter
Glue the adapter onto a flat surface on the front or back of your iPad or Tablet (this is a permanent attachment and cannot be removed).

cable wrapped around table leg

Step two: Anchor the security cable
Wrap the cable around a table leg or other immovable object (if you have no anchor point for your cable, you can purchase fasteners for this purpose).

tablet lock kit attached to surface pro

Step three: Attach the lockhead
Insert the lockhead into the adapter, push the button on the lockhead and you are locked!

When unlocking, use the key provided. Turn the key to the right to remove the lock from the adapter.

This cable lock has the extra added benefit of being able to remove the lockhead from the cable! If you turn the key to the left, the cable will disconnect from the lockhead. This allows you to snake the cable through small spaces to anchor, or attach additional equipment using one cable (may need additional fasteners).