STOP-Lock™ Cable Plus Tracking

Part# STOP-Lock

Normally laptop cables only work if your employees use them! Put that worry to ease with the STOP-Lock's dual layer protection!

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Two in One Security Tracking and Locking System!

Combining the tracking abilities of the STOP Security Plate with the ease of a cable resulted in a great theft deterrent!

  • The STOP-Lock's steel cable prevents the quick, snatch and run theft.
  • The STOP Security plate has been specially designed with a raised hole in the middle. The plate installs easily and the lock just snaps into the plate. No key required to lock the computer.
  • Available keyed-different, and master-keyed.
STOP-Lock on laptop
STOP-Lock on laptop


  • STOP-Lock literally locks-down computers that thieves steal every day.
  • STOP-Lock combines a tracking system with a locking mechanism to foil crooks that try to snatch unguarded computers.


  • STOP-Lock provides external warning that the notebook is police identifiable, stopping thieves by eliminating resale value. Thieves won't steal what they can't sell.
  • STOP Security Plate remains permanently affixed to the equipment so when the cable is removed, it provides around the clock protection.
  • The Security Plate installs easily and the lock just snaps into the plate! No key required to lock the computer.


The value of STOP-Lock Plate goes beyond deterrence. If your equipment is lost or misplaced, which happens more often than theft, the STOP-Lock Plate dramatically increases your chances of getting it back by providing the finder an easy way to do the right thing.

They simply contact STOP by phone or online, 24 hours a day. STOP will arrange to get your equipment back.

If the STOP-Lock plate is ever removed, the "Stolen Property" tattoo underneath the plate includes the hotline phone number, aiding in recovery of your equipment.

STOP-Lock permanent tattoo

By attaching to a frequently used desk or other immovable object, the fastener below can be used when you do not have a table leg or data hole available to wrap the laptop cable around.

Rectangular glue-on attachment
glue-on fastener with Guardian Lock securing a computer monitor
This composite rectangular glue-on attachment is a permanent installation. Can be used on plastic, wood or metal. Enough adhesive will be supplied to secure the number of attachments ordered.



Kit includes:

  • 1 STOP-Lock plate (size: 212"w x 212"h)
  • 1 6-foot steel locking cable
  • 2 keys
  • Tube of tattoo activating gel
  • Alcohol cleaning swab
  • Instructions

STOP-Lock kit contents

How it works

  1. Attach the STOP-Lock plate to your equipment, using the instructions provided.
  2. Register your STOP-Lock (instructions included). If you do not register the plate, we will not be able to contact you if the equipment is lost and then found.
  3. Wrap the cable around an immovable object (i.e. table leg, etc).
  4. 'SNAP' the cable into the STOP-Lock plate (no key required to attach the cable to the plate).
  5. Use the key to unlock cable from plate.
  6. Plate is a permanent installation on your equipment.