Custom Enclosures


Our CPU Enclosures come in the most popular sizes but there are times when those sizes just don't work. We might be able to do a custom size for you. There is a 100 piece minimum for custom sizes. If you need less than 100, be sure to double check the CPU enclosure measurements to see if any of those will work. Or give us a call at (800) 466-7636 and we'll help you out!

If you need 100 or more of a custom size, please type in the size of your computer or other IT equipment you need to secure.

*Required Information
1. Type of Equipment to be secured:
  CPU Server Other
2. Dimensions of Equipment to be secured: * (in inches)
  Width Height Depth
3. Number of Units to be secured (minimum 100): *
4. Other instructions you would like us to know:
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