Tablet Lockdown Bracket / iPad Lockdown Bracket

front of tablet secured with lockdown bracket

Lock down your iPad or tablet without marring the surface!

  • Non-obtrusive design
  • Pivoting corners and telescopic base
  • Perfect for both vertical and horizontal displays
  • This unit 'clamps' around your iPad or Tablet. No glueing required!
  • Attaches to an immovable desk or object using a cable (included)
  • 2 sizes available
  • Optional stand available (sold separately) (see below)
back view of tablet with lockdown bracket
side view of tablet with lockdown bracket
lockdown bracket
Part #: CSP-4062
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  Main Display Size of your iPad or Tablet
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Range of Diagonal Lengths
Large 10" and up 10.75" - 13.75"
Small 7", 8", 9" 7.70" - 12.10"

Tablet Lockdown Bracket Stand / iPad Lockdown Bracket Stand

tablet with lockdown bracket and the stand accessory

This tablet stand offers a discreet yet secure platform for your iPad or tablet. This stand is used with the CSP-4062 (above, sold separately) creating a rock solid anti-theft mount and is minimally visible from the front. Use in the office, classroom, kiosk, lobby, or anywhere you want your tablet displayed.

  • Accommodates both sizes of CSP-4062's
  • Allows for 90° rotation (portrait to landscape) or fixed position only with locking screw
  • Easily bolted onto most any surface!
  • Available in black

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Part #: CSP-4062.stand
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