Laptop Security / Laptop Theft

Laptop theft is growing fast, representing a staggering 57% of all stolen information. Putting a laptop security program in place is a must for the education, government, and business community.

Computer Security Products, Inc. offers a range of laptop security devices including laptop cable locks, notebook security cables, laptop lockers, and STOP security plates.

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Laptop Cable Locks

Laptop / Notebook Cable Locks


Computer Security Products, Inc. has a complete line of security cable kits for laptops.

Priced From:$19.95

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STOP Anti-Theft Tags

STOP Security Plates

A STOP Security Plate is the most cost-effective prevention, anti-theft, recovery, and asset management tag available.

Priced From:$25.00

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Laptop Locker

Laptop Locker

The Laptop Locker is a theft deterrent locking safe designed to securely store laptop computers and other valuables.

Priced From:$145.00

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