Universal Scissor Clip

The universal scissor clip's unique design works with a horizontal or vertical slot! The only clip on the market that can fit large cables or locks! The rubber comfort grip won't scratch your equipment!

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Scissor Clip Components

This Universal Scissor Clip is designed to fit into the existing security slot located in laptops, desktops, flat screen monitors, projectors, and most other IT equipment. The scissor clip MUST be used with either a cable or a padlock. 

If your cable or padlock's shackle is too thick to fit through the hole in the scissor clip, there is a bracket included that can change the direction and/or give you a larger hole.


Part #: XLK/U
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This clip normally fits 95-99% of the computers and laptops on the market. If this clip does not fit your computer due to the computer manufacturers' making a slightly different sized security slot, please call us at (800) 466-7636 to inquire about other security solutions available.