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When the economy is down, computer theft is up

When people say 'Computer Security' the first thing that comes to mind is data; encryption, preventing viruses, preventing unauthorized access, data backup. But do you think about the hardware itself?

These days of economic woe bring a whole new set of problems. In the past, companies were more concerned with protecting the data than the hardware. They figured that as long as the data was safe, they could always re-create their drives from backups or USB thumb drives. Software could be reinstalled on new machines if their computers or laptops were stolen.

But today? Can your company bear the cost of replacing the hardware? In times of economic downturns, companies realize that their hardware becomes more of a theft threat. People who would never steal in the past are more tempted when they are suffering themselves. Selling computers and laptops on the open market can be lucrative, as thieves are looking for a quick buck and buyers are looking for a cheap product.

Will a computer cable lock prevent theft? Maybe. Computer locks keep the honest people honest. Although these cables may not withstand large bolt cutters, they cannot be cut with a pair of scissors. Thieves will have to come prepared with enough time and tools to break through the security. The old saying 'you don't need to outrun the bear, you just need to outrun your slowest friend' holds true in this situation also. You and your friend are at the library working on a term paper, you both get up to look through the stacks, you have a laptop lock on your laptop and your friend doesn't. Whose laptop are they going to take?

If this level of security is not enough for you, there are much higher levels. You can spend $20-$30 for a quality cable lock. Lockdown brackets that literally bolt your laptop down to a table can run about $100 and a full steel enclosure will cost you about $200. It's all about your threat level and theft tolerances.

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