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Don't fall victim to laptop theft!

Don't Be an Easy Target.

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Does this scenario seem like it could happen to you?

"The other day I was running through the airport, late as usual, cell phone in hand and laptop in tow. I’m protective of my gear but not protective enough, as I let my guard down for just a minute and that’s all he needed. I was focused on a whole slew of things: missing my flight, reserving a car, preparing for my meeting; and the thief was only focused on one; stealing my laptop.

Studies show that between 40 and 50% of data breaches in the US are caused by lost or stolen laptops, and I’m sure the half a million people whose laptops vanished in airports last year can attest to that.

Thieves don’t have schedules, meetings, bosses, or rules to follow like you and I do. They only have two things to focus on: prey on the easiest target and don’t steal what can’t be sold.

If you don’t want your data compromised, don’t be an easy target.

If you were to ask me 5 tips to protect again laptop theft, here's what I would tell you: (This is my honest opinion, and you wouldn’t sue me for giving free advice, would you?):

  I’m sure you’re aware that the best way to keep your laptop in your hands is to, well, keep it in your hands. There is no better security than a watchful eye; and since you can’t stroll into an airport with a junk yard pit bull at your side (not all people are animal lovers like myself), you have to be the watch dog. Be aware of your belongings, and you’ll be much less likely to lose them.
  Get a laptop security cable to secure your laptop when you’re using it in a crowded area. The amount of laptops that have been stolen right out from under the owner’s nose is enough to make a grown man wince. Using a computer lock is an easy and cost effective way to deter opportunity theft, allowing your mind to fully focus on the task at hand. Like singing in the shower, you’ll find it strangely liberating.
  Applying a deterrent label to your laptop is another easy and cost effective way to show thieves that you’re not an easy target. To a thief, the phrase “Tracking and Recovery Protection” reads the same as “You Can’t Sell Me, neiner neiner neiner”. And thieves, tempting as it may be for them, won’t steal what they can’t sell.
  Even the most vigilant security sometimes gets compromised. Laptop Tracking and Recovery Software has come a long way in recent years. This software allows you to GEO-locate your stolen laptop, remotely delete files, retrieve important files and track the thief down!
  Most thieves don’t like doing a lot of work, hence their chosen profession. If, unfortunately, your laptop does fall into the wrong hands despite your forethought, no one will be able to access your precious information. Encrypting your laptop tells a thief that you worked hard to protect your data, and he will have to work really REALLY hard to access it. He’ll ditch your laptop, leaving your data untouched, and move on in search of the poor sap who didn’t take the same precautions as you did. Hopefully your friends are reading this too, and they don’t end up being those poor saps. (Forward them a link to this article, and help ‘em out!)

Many things are better in layers: Lasagna, parfait, chocolate fudge cake… and security. You wouldn’t just eat the cherry off the top of the sundae and ignore the rest (I know I wouldn’t). So don’t take just one approach to laptop security and think you’re in the clear. A layered approach is the best approach.

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